Protx Generator

As we approach block 970,000, we will need to consider getting ready for the additional steps that are required to register your v0.13 Masternode on the network. We understand that this can take some time to implement! So we have created a Protx Generator to make the process as easy as possible!

Please check the Protx generator out here:

The first phase of the Deterministic Masternode process has still not started yet, so although you can setup your Protx Perpare command now, you won’t be able to use it until the first phase is active.

A quick note on BLS. Boneh–Lynn–Shacham signature or BLS for short is needed in this version of Absolute. This key when generated creates a private and public key, the private key must be placed in your absolute.conf on your Masternode. If you forget to do this the node will not start, so make sure you follow the Masternode upgrade guide here:

If you save your details now, you can recall them at a later date to process the Protx commands. They will be available via the My Masternode Table and Recorded Masternodes dropdown. All data is securely held on our servers and can be deleted via the My Masternode Table at any time. No API commands are made using this generator, so Protx Register, Sign Message and Protx Register Submit need to be run via your debug console.

Before you start

Please make sure you have the following details ready, before you start using the Generator.

– Collateral Tx: Transaction Id of the 2500ABS collateral
– Collateral Tx Index: Transaction index of the 2500ABS collateral (This is either 0 or 1)
– IP: Masternode ip
– Owner Address: new ABS address generated above
– Operator Bls Public Key: BLS public key generated above (Created us bls generate in debug console)
– Voting Address: New ABS address generated above or the address used to delegate proposal voting
– Operator Reward: Percentage of the block reward allocated to the operator as payment (use 0 here)
– Payout Address: new or main wallet address to receive rewards
– Fee Source Address: (Optional) an address used to fund ProTx fee, if missing, Payout Address will be used

Wallet Versions using v0.13

Currently 53% of the network has updated to v0.13. We are hoping for as many as possible are upgraded before block 970,000. After this point no further rewards will be paid to your Masternodes on version v0.12. These nodes will also be cut off from the network, meaning for transactions to take place your wallet must be running v0.13.

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