The first major release of the Absolute Core including Deterministic Masternodes.
This major release contains new features, improvements and bugfixes and we consider this a stable release.


Notable changes:

  • DIP0002 – Special Transactions
  • DIP0003 – Deterministic Masternode Lists
  • DIP0004 – Simplified Verification of Deterministic Masternode Lists
  • Automatic InstantSend for “simple” transactions, which make up about 90% of all transactions seen on the network
  • Multiple improvements to PrivateSend, including the introduction of multi-session mixing
  • Changes in getblocktemplate, miners please take a note (also see Coinbase Special Transaction in DIP0004)
  • New ZMQ notifications for Governance
  • New Masternode Tab for DIP3 Masternodes
  • Various RPC changes and new command-line options
  • Lots of translation updates, refactoring and bug fixes

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