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Absolute is a community of designers and developers that value great designs and how they can be used to improve your life and enjoyment of producing something that is special for you.

Our goal is to allow you to produce excellent quality products that are designed by you using our online configurator. Certain designs have the choice of being recorded in the Absolute blockchain, allow independent verification that the design you made is unique to you.

Designs made by you

Think back to the last time you bought a specific item at you had to look around for, whether that was online or in person.  What did all of these items have in common? Your answer is more obvious as you think, since the way we have been sourcing and buying items has not changed in thousands of years. Common practice is that when you need an item for a certain purpose, you go to a shop and browse until you find something suitable. For some items this is perfectly acceptable but for others you might be thinking… OK this will have to do because I can’t find the perfect or correct item for me.

Your ability to source correct items is diminished because your specific need or individuality can not be catered for in products that are “off the shelf”. Your next though at this point is there another way I can get what I want? if I want something custom to suit my needs it will be very expensive and I’ll have to spend hours describing exactly what I want. On top of this you would have to find someone suitable for the job and hope the end result is exactly what you described to them.

This is where Absolute can help. The development of recent technology, it has become clear that in the future of how we source and buy items will change. This is either to suit our needs better or to buy items that are locally produced and environmentally friendly.

So exactly how is this possible? We develop and designs products using our online Configurator which allow you to alter designs in real time to suit your exact requirements. It’s a simple and easy way to quickly see how your designs will look, once complete we can offer you either a 3D model of the design so that you can construct the design yourself or pass you item to the Absolute Portal which will allow you pick from a range of cutting-edge fabrication companies who can make your design for you.

Vault Service

Absolute has the ability to offer revision controlled vault data management, primarily as a verification process for designs you wish to keep accurately store in an independent Immutability in the Absolute blockchain.

What Is Blockchain Immutability?

The ability of a blockchain ledger to stay unchanged, for a blockchain to remain unaltered and indelible, is known as immutability. To put it another way, data in the blockchain cannot be changed.

A cryptographic principle or a hash value is used to process each block of information, such as facts or transaction details. Each block generates an alphanumeric string, which is used to produce the hash value.

It’s also important to understand that blockchains are decentralised and distributed in nature, with a consensus reached among the Core nodes that stored data is genuine. This agreement ensures that the data’s originality is preserved.

Immutability is unquestionably a distinguishing feature of maintaining independent records are kept. This process has the potential to reshape the overall data auditing process, making it more efficient, cost-effective, and data-driven with greater confidence and integrity.

Every block includes a hash or digital signature for both itself and the previous block. This ensures that blocks are retroactively coupled together and unrelenting. This feature of blockchain technology ensures that no one can hack into the system or change the information stored in the block.

How does this work in Absolute?

Files can either be stored with us for a monthly fee or located on your own systems, the verification process for these files is based on geometry tessellation and hashing protocols. This produces a key which is then inserted into an Absolute block which can be read later on to verify your data.


Your Designs

Absolute offer the ability to add your own design into our configurator either to be configurated for public or private use. This service allows you to have access to top designers that can help configure you own products for sale on our configurator platform. Sales from these designs can be processed by Absolute directly or forward to you after the configuration process is complete. Find out more here regarding becoming platform partner

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