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Red Planets – 17608

Red Planets - 17608 Description The Absolute Genesis collection is our first offering allowing you to purchase unique wearable NFTP (Non-Fungible Token Product). Once you own...

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Absolute Wallet Release v0.14.0.1

Release of v0.14.0.1 The first major release of the Absolute Core including Long Living Masternode Quorums (LLMQ) Deterministic Masternodes. Introduction of IPv6 Support Support is now available...

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Protx Generator for Masternode Registration

Protx Generator As we approach block 970,000, we will need to consider getting ready for the additional steps that are required to register your v0.13...

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Masternode Giveaway Promotion

Absolute Masternode Giveaway The help promote Absolute we will be launching a $200 Absolute Masternode Giveaway. This is a unique opportunity to win ABS before the...

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