Aug 31

Integration of Ordering System into Absolute

  • Integration of the ordering system into the absolute blockchain
  • Corenode index on
Jul 31

Increase Online Configurator Range

  • Build on the initial release to improve out product range in the Absify online configurator
  • Integrate RFID chips into the design so that items can hold Absolute value
Jun 30

Version v14.0.1

Planned Changes for this release:


Notable changes:

  • DIP0004 – Coinbase Payload v2
  • DIP0008 – ChainLocks
  • DIP0010 – LLMQ-based InstantSend
  • Removal for Network Legacy Messages
  • PrivateSend, InstantSend updates
  • DKG and DKG-based PoSe
  • Performance improvements on load times
  • Database space usage improvements
May 16

Version v13.0.1 Release

The first major release of the Absolute Core including Deterministic Masternodes.
This major release contains new features, improvements and bugfixes and we consider this a stable release.


Notable changes:

  • DIP0002 – Special Transactions
  • DIP0003 – Deterministic Masternode Lists
  • DIP0004 – Simplified Verification of Deterministic Masternode Lists
  • Automatic InstantSend for “simple” transactions, which make up about 90% of all transactions seen on the network
  • Multiple improvements to PrivateSend, including the introduction of multi-session mixing
  • Changes in getblocktemplate, miners please take a note (also see Coinbase Special Transaction in DIP0004)
  • New ZMQ notifications for Governance
  • New Masternode Tab for DIP3 Masternodes
  • Various RPC changes and new command-line options
  • Lots of translation updates, refactoring and bug fixes
May 01 Market & Configurator Launch

  • Integrate and start allowing design to be added to the Online Configurators and Market Place
Nov 28 Alpha Launch

  • Launch of the design platform as demo version
Jul 09

Version v12.3.1 Release

  • Corenode updates ready for next release v13.0.0
  • General bug fixes
Jul 24

Version v12.2.5 Release

  • Back ports from Bitcoin
  • New Gitian build setup and improvements (deterministic builds)
  • InstantSend fixes
  • Corenode list sync fix
  • Governance Improvements
  • Hardcoded Seeds pulled directly from the Corenode List
  • Remove Watchdog_Expired and replace with No_Sentinel_Ping
  • Improved initial sync and connection
  • General bug fixes
  • Develop Testnet and Mining Pool integration
  • General Stability improvements
  • Install script improvements
  • Small GUI improvements
  • Proposal C2 implementation – Hard Fork at Block 385440
Jul 24

Governance Activation

  • Release v12.2.2 implemented
  • Governance Activated
  • Proposals System Created
  • First Super Block
  • UI Redesign
Jun 09

First Whitepaper Released

  • First use case documentation produced V1.01
Jun 07

Version 12.2.3a Release

  • Corenode Collateral change to 2500ABS
  • Governance Fixes
  • Sentinel (v1.2) is now mandatory
Feb 14

Launch Using LyraRev2 and Masternode

  • Use of (POW) LyraRev2 Algorithm
  • Sporks
  • Corenodes (1000 ABS)
  • Private Send

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